Friday, 31 July 2009

One month on..

Residencias interruptus. But almost glad to be back, despite unseasonal (?) drab August weather. Treated to a long (3 and 3/4 hour!) guided tour of the Castle today, a wonderful opportunity to gain some background history, to see behind the scenes (in part) and to see the Castle 'wake up' to a new visiting day as the blinds were opened as we passed from room to room, casting faint, controlled light on the interiors. The distinction between fortress and family home that Chirk exhibits was well demonstrated by the Adam Tower, complete with dungeon, murder holes and arrow slits, contrasting with the sumptuous 18th century appearance of the state rooms (except those that had been Pugin-ised and returned to a faux medieaval gothic). The new East wing, appealingly sparse, houses the library and some fantastic architectural drawings by Pugin, and will maybe in the future speak more of the recent history of the Castle.

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