Saturday, 27 June 2009

Time's flying

Can't believe June is almost over, this month has gone really quickly. I'm looking at what I planned to do this month and already I've got some catching up to do. I'd planned to spend this month collecting: images, sounds, stories etc. I think the sheer mass of information available to potentially gather, store and subsequently filter is quite astonishing - every week there seems to be a new aspect of the place that catches my attention, from the history, the present uses, the visitors, the architecture, the farming landscape, natural features, etc etc.

Inevitably, and although I told myself I wouldn't too soon into the project, there are places that I'm already attracted to work in/on. The fences are one, beautiful thin black iron fences that run the lengths of the fields. Then there are the visible but inaccessible spaces at the farm; roof spaces, stables and sties. Then there is the estate walk itself, or the garden, and that's before I've even gone near the castle itself...

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